Friday, November 21, 2008

Margaret and Helen

You have got to check out Margaret and Helen. These 2 older ladies blog together and are a hoot, I tell ya. They are straight shooters and tell it like they see it so their may be some language but my goodness they are funny. I know several ladies like these in my area and you gotta love em.

Here is a sample of one particular piece of "wisdom" that stuck out.
Life is short. You realize that even more when you are old. I have said before that in dog years I am already dead. So each morning when I wake up there is a brief moment until I realize that I still need my glasses to see the clock before realizing I must still be in this old body of mine… Then I turn and put a mirror under Harold’s nose to determine if I still need to put on my make-up and do my hair.


Anne M. said...

LOL! what a funny comment, have to share that with my husband =)

Sharon said...

lmbo! That's hilarious! I'm going straight over to their blog now :)

Angelena said...

Margaret and Helen are becoming one of my favorite blogs. They always have something funny to say!