Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Boys of Fall

Fall is in the air. We woke up to a cool 57 degrees this morning and all the locals are talking about football season. Our beloved WV Mountaineers begin their season today. The pride of Pocahontas; the Warriors play against Parkersburg Catholic and the little Warriors face off against Midland Trail.

Football is a favorite pastime here in the mountains. We will travel far and wide to watch or participate in a game. It is a social event as much as a sporting event. We will wear our maroon and gold in support of our beloved county team, while we have blue and gold running through our veins in support of our state team. The men will relive their glory days from when they were in high school. You will hear a lot of " Remember when old so and so"- and so the story goes with each person adding bits and pieces along the way. Players are sized up and cheered for their excellence in the sport.

The boys of fall start out young playing with their Dads and brothers in the backyard and then when they reach kindergarten it is off to peanut football. With such a small town and not very populated these boys will likely play together from peanut on through high school together. It is more of a brotherhood than a sport.

The parents get together in anticipation of the games. Volunteers are working the concession stands, chains and announcing the game. And because we are southern and saved by the grace of God the coaches lead the team prayer before each game and the National Anthem is played across the loudspeakers.

The whistle blows and the cheers begin. If a player gets hurt during a game - you can expect he will get plenty of calls the next morning to check on him from - well basically the whole county. We are sparse in population and most everyone knows everyone. If they don't know you personally they will ask who your parents, brothers, sisters, cousins etc and eventually find a lineage they can relate to.

There will be wins and losses, but one thing can be accounted for - the boys of fall will always remain in the heart and soul of every small town.


Anonymous said...

ha, I am going to test my thought, your post bring me some good ideas, it's truly amazing, thanks.

- Murk

Angelena said...

Thanks Murk!