Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I have been a good wife and mom all -well most of the time.

  • I have cooked over a hot stove for hours cooking meals only to see the entire meal vanish in minutes thanks to the 2 teenage boys living in my house and then watch as they raid the cabinets 15 minutes after dinner looking for something to eat
  • I have scrubbed and washed diesel stained, cow manure encrusted jeans more times than I care to recall.
  • I have vacuumed more dirt in my living room than is in my yard ( this I am convinced of)
  • I did not blow my stack when I found out the 2 teens were harboring said snuff in their closet ( Thane blew his stack before I could reach full meltdown)
  • I have endured commercials of an exercise size machine called the shaker which turns my teenage men into combustible non- stop laughing machines; while my 10 year old sits and wonders what is so funny.
  • I have 1 teenager with a drivers license and 1 with a learners permit- need I say more??
I would like a peace filled Christmas Holiday. No stress would be nice, if you cannot accomplish this mission please let me know ASAP. If you can't accomplish this naturally, please send a bottle of Prozac so I can stuff my Christmas turkey with it.




Country Whispers said...

Cute story!
Yes this would be the perfect gift for many of us Moms.
But as usual it seems the simplest requests are often the hardest to fill.
You'll probably have better luck with the turkey. :)
Just kidding!
Hope you do have a happy and stress-free holiday!

Granny Sue said...

Boy do I remember those days! Except there were 4 boys, five years apart. And then a baby boy too. The most amazing thing about it is that they DO survive! And actually grow up into pretty decent people. Keep going--it will get better. But the Prozac-stuffed turkey sounds like an idea...

Maria said...

That was so funny. It even made Hubby laugh as I read it to him.
Hope you have a calm and peaceful Christmas!!

Tatersmama said...

AMEN sista! I hope Santa brings you everything that you've asked for... because we all know you deserve it!
With teenagers, you deserve all that, and!

Lib said...

What a cute letter.2 teens driving at the same time, WOW!!!!!!!
May you have a PEACEFUL Christmas!

Cate said...

And if there are any pills left in the bottle, please send them down here to me!!!


QuiltedSimple said...

Too funny! I think I need some of those happy pills - roflol!
Merry Christmas