Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fall Cleanup

Happy Wednesday everyone. I have been cleaning the house today. Don't you just love the feeling you get when your house is clean and all your work is done? I sure do!

Levi and Luke will start school on Tuesday and Jake will start on Wednesday. I will be starting my Fall cleaning. It is the same as Spring cleaning, but more like getting ready for winter time instead of summer. Here are some things I like to do during Fall cleanup.
  • de- clutter (amazing what can get cluttered up during the lazy days of summer)
Here is a breakdown pretty much

  • drain pool and put away for winter
  • clean and wash all summer toys and put away
  • check guttering
  • plant flower bulbs (for next spring)
  • give the porches a good scrub down for winter
  • deep clean grill ( after the last grill down of the season)
  • clean out garden and flower beds
  • Make sure everything is nice and tidy and picked up.
Kitchen/ dining room
  • clean out cupboards
  • make sure to have all my baking supplies on hand ( I love to bake in the fall/ winter)
  • do a deep clean of the kitchen
  • exchange summer clothes for winter ones ( purging the ones that the boys have outgrown)
  • decide what needs bought clothes wise for this winter
  • deep clean rooms ( I am wanting to repaint the boys' bedrooms)
  • wash blankets and quilts - hang on the line to sun - I love the smell of line dried clothes
  • purge medicine cabinet of any expired medicine
  • make sure we have tylenol, cold and cough medicine etc
  • deep clean
Living Room
  • Deep clean
  • hang the heavier winter drapes
  • clean out the woodstove, chimney and pipes
  • clean out birdfeeders
  • stock up on birdseed
  • put away garden tools and bring out the winter tools- snow shovel, ice melter, etc
  • check seals on garage door
  • wash the windows
  • sweep the floor
  • tidy up - Thane has a lot of his tools in the garage so I don't deep clean it.
There are lots of other things to do as well, this will give you and idea.

Do you winterize your home? What do you do?


Traci said...

That is funny....I'm doing the fall cleaning also. I've been decluttering and mopping all day....

Hadias said...

I will need to get started on clearing out the summer clothes very soon but it's still too warm. I will also be tidying up the gardens and planting Fall plants.

I will do a final lawn mowing, edging and winterize the grass.