Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Facebook Fibbers

Report cards came out yesterday in our neck of the woods. This morning when I logged onto my Facebook account I was slammed with stories about how everyone's kid got Straight A's. Really?!?! Every single parent was posting about their prodigal child. Now either I am the only parent whose child did not get straight A's or some people are stretching the truth a tad bit.

Could it be that the teachers have chosen only 2 kids in the whole school not to give A's to and those 2 kids just happen to be mine? Conspiracy theory?

I am going to start looking on the bumpers of all my friends to see if they have that coveted "honor roll" bumper sticker- cause I think they are (gasp) stretching the truth a tad bit.

Now I might not get that honor roll bumper sticker cause my kids grades are "average" but I am thinking of making some bumper stickers to add to the back of my car:

  • My kid may not be on the honor roll, but he can hold my beer without spilling it while I drive
  • My kid can't read your bumper sticker
  • My degenerate beat up your honor roll student
  • My underachiever got your honor roll student pregnant
  • I can drive, text, and beat the shit out of my kid at the same time
  • My other kid is Charlie Sheen  
So there Facebook Fibbers take that!  

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