Wednesday, February 10, 2010

No school Anywhere

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Today is our county's' 15th snow day. This has been an extremely long and hard winter here in the mountains of WV. Today on WV Metro News it talked of all 55 counties in the state of WV school being closed due to the weather and hazardous conditions.

These are great days for families though. Being cooped up in a house together during the winter storms can be trying for even the best of families. We try to break the monotony by sledding, snowboarding, playing games, cards, dominoes. We have also had a lot of popcorn and movie time together as well.

On Wednesdays our local gas station has $.49 cent movie rentals. This includes the new releases- so guess when our movie night is?

Our children and family are our eternal blessing from our Heavenly Father. We should not limit our time together as a family to snow days we should take each day as a blessing with our family and show them how much we appreciate them.

Have a wonderful and blessed day


BlueRidge Boomer said...

Down here in Ashe County we are now 10 days behind schedule.....yikes!!
Saturday school here we come!!

Stay warm and enjoy....LindaMay

Farmer's Daughter said...

Wow! Do you have to make them all up?

Today is only our second snow day this year, and we tend to average 4-5 per year here in CT.

Angelena said...

So far we don't have to make any school up. BUT next year they are changing the school calendar so they will have to make up their school days and be required to have 180 days of school.

Farmer's Daughter said...

That's how it is here, 180 days required so we have to make up any missed days. Only the private schools don't have to. The latest we've ever gone is June 27, a few years ago.