Friday, January 8, 2010


My friend Angie has started a blog finally- Welcome to the land of blog Angie! She makes and creates the most beautiful ornaments I have ever seen. Above is a picture of just one of them. Aren't they pretty? She makes all kinds of other wonderful crafts (pictures please Angie) and is selling them on her blog. Angie is a local gal and has a wonderful and kind heart. Go by and visit her and give her some comment love if you get a chance. Kountry Kreations

The Picture above is a Memory Bulb, here is what she wrote:
The one craft that is my favorite is the Memory Bulbs. I have done many bulbs where people have sent me an article of clothing of a lost loved one or a photo or both and I have turned these in to a Memory Bulb that you can treasure forever. What a neater way to remember your loved ones than like this. The prospects are endless when creating memories.
Loved one can also be a beloved pet.

Wouldn't it be great to have a memory bulb using your loved ones clothing to remember them by. I have some of my mom's old Christmas ornaments that mean so much to me. One of my favorite parts of decorating the tree is placing the ornaments and telling the stories of where the ornaments come from. Just think of the memories you would have with a memory bulb of your loved ones and ancestors. The possibilities are endless. I am thinking of going through my ancestors pictures and having her do some for our family genealogy. What a neat idea it would be to have an ancestry tree at Christmas! Link Kountry Kreations
You can also visit her Etsy shop here

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