Friday, October 30, 2009

It's Halloween Baby!!

Today was the annual Halloween Parade in our town. This means at exactly 2pm business stops. Everyone stops to go watch the parade. It the event of the year- well the event of the month ok? Anyways everyone gets involved in the action. Police stop traffic, cars line up Babies, kids and adults dress up- and it's a party baby! Sorta like our own little mini mardi gras! Without the beads and liquor, but that's ok. We have witches, ghosts and goblins

A band of ninja drummers!

Look at this peanut-don't you just want to gobble him up! So cute!

See the boy in the Dickies shirt and dirty blue jeans? That is my spawn. He is a mechanic-see the dirty jeans, that proves it - I think he forgot to put his grease on his face, but we're cool like that.See the lady in black? That is batman's Nana, also my cousin. Doesn't she look brave in a sea of red and black with batman by her side?
Hello, I am batman.

I love this costume!
It is a costume, right? right? (crickets)
Of course the kids are the stars of the parade- Yea that's right little man! You are AWESOME!
Ah- Halloween- how I love you♥


Tatersmama said...

Oh, I LOVE these pics! I miss Halloween, but it's not a very popular holiday here in Oz. Oh, it's getting better every year, but I sure miss having hoards of spooky little ones knocking on my door!!
The geek? That's the coolest! Unless that's someones actual father. Then all I can say is "nice shirt, sir"!! ;-)

Coloradolady said...

This looks like great wonderful it would be to live in a town with such wonderful traditions....I would love it!! Thanks for the pictures!

Lone Star Queen said...

That looks like great small town fun! I long to live in the country with only a small town near. Thanks for coming by my place today. I look forward to following your blog.