Saturday, February 20, 2010

De' Nile and the Lake

YES WE STILL HAVE SNOW ON THE GROUND - but I am so ready for spring and summer. This is a re-post of warm weather and ahhhhh-summertime!! ENJOY

Denial I am in denial. Football season is in full swing, school starts soon and (gulp) summer will be over soon. So we are trying to squeeze in every last minute of a mini vacation we can on any given day, cause a trip the Nile ain't happening this year. We went to the lake the other day. The beach wasn't that crowded- in fact we didn't have to fight not one person for a place on the beach. I keep telling Levi "be a lover, not a fighter" but with 2 brothers it just ain't happening most days.

The views of the lake are so peaceful and relaxingBut with his brothers working and no one to play with except me, Levi was a poor lost soul out to sea.
So he swam and dove for rocks. This one caught his eye for about 5 mini seconds before he cast it out unto the great unknown. He was telling the rock "I know we've just met and all but I am about to throw you at least forty eleven feet into the air and you will plummet to the depths at the bottom of the lake. Journey well my little friend." Alright - so he probably wasn't saying that but I was bored and had no one to talk to.

But then--- Guess what??? Family arrived in the form of a cousin. Let the games begin!!There was jumping and running and splashing and giggling and digging in the sand and, and and....then it started thundering and we had to go home. But it was fun while it lasted and we are going back soon. Cause that's how we roll!


Nancy M. said...

It's beautiful with the mountains and lake in the picture! Glad someone came for him to play with!

Angelena said...

I love it at the lake- so relaxing and peaceful. Levi was glad to have his cousin come over and play and I was glad his mom came so I could have someone to talk to as well.

HermitJim said...

Sometimes the simple times tend to be the most fun!

Cousins used to always be a great way to make some fun...or get into trouble!

Angelena said...

Amen to that Jim!