Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad

My Dad does not have a computer nor does he have an interest in one. But my Dad is one of the most amazing people you would ever want to meet.

My Dad's Birthday is today. Ironically I keep getting seed catalogs in the mail - when I was little I used to climb on his lap and we would pour over the catalogs together deciding what we wanted to plant in the garden that year. I want to get my hands in the dirt- which is kinda hard right now with the snow thingy and all. I get that handed down to me from my Dad. He loved to work in the garden to make sure we had plenty to eat during the winter and he also taught me a LOT of valuable lessons along the way.

My Dad had 2 girls - no boys. I was 110% tomboy growing up. I liked playing with dolls and such but as soon as my Dad hit the door home from his job as a mechanic I threw on my overalls and a ball cap and we were off to work on tractors, farm machinery, old trucks - you name it. If it had an engine my Dad could fix it. My sister was sick a lot when she was younger with cancer ( Thank God she is cured and she has 2 beautiful kids today and a great husband) so she wasn't able to go out and help Dad. With the hospital costs for sis's treatments Mom and Dad had to work very hard and Dad would pick up any mechanical job on the side that he could find and he always had a waiting line for people wanting only him to work on their machinery ( yes , he was that good) My dad is a very honest man I was once told by a friend that my Dad couldn't tell a lie if his life depended on it and that is the truth.

Since my mom died 12 years ago me and my Dad have grown closer and closer. As I age I see more and more of him in me, in my actions and in my ways of thinking- that is something I am proud of to be more like him. - what is funny is I see him in my kids- especially Luke.
Luke is a lot like my Dad. Always likes to be busy outdoors doing something productive- he wears the same expressions on his face, wears his hat the same on his head, has the same go get 'er attitude and sometimes I will catch him standing there and it reminds me so much of my Dad- I always tease my Dad and tell him that Luke is the mini version of him.

My Dad and I talk daily and I can honestly say that he is one of my best friends. Like my husband he is my rock that I can depend on in any situation. I can tell him what ever is on my mind and expect an honest, truthful answer - no judgment- just love.

My Mom was a teacher by trade and I love and miss her dearly, but my Dad was a mechanic by trade but he has always been a teacher to me - a life teacher and a teacher of the love, hope and understanding being the best Daddy this girl could ever have asked for.
I love you Dad- Happy Birthday.


Anonymous said...

My Dad is my best mate, and like you I grew up a tomboy! Dad was a state motocross champion, so at the age of 5 I had my own motorbike and rode along side him every chance I got, until I was about 17 when I had a rather awful prang that stuffed my knee up LOL

My Dad too was a mechanic, you are right, they make great teachers! Your story sounds so much like my childhood and family its incredible.

Anonymous said...

Angelena: What a nice tribute to your father. I stopped by yesterday just to sit and talk a bit, and did not know it was his birthday. You know he would never tell me in advance. When I went in he was sitting in his chair, drinking a jar of ice water. You will know what I mean when I tell you he had that boyish grin on his face. I asked him what he was going to do that afternoon and he just grinned and then said he had just finished a meal of deer steak, biscuits and gravy. He was having another holiday....."today is my birthday."
I scolded him a bit for not telling me and then we talked for a bit.
Your are correct, two wonderful daughters..... and one adopted son.
I love him like a Dad myself.

Angelena said...

Thanks Mac. I am so glad to have you for a brother. I can see that boyish grin on his face - you can't help but smile right back.

Nancy- his sister called yesterday and sang him her annual Happy Birthday serenade to him. That makes his day and he looks forward to it every year.

Angelena said...

Thanks Molly. Your Dad sounds like a wonderful man. I think there is something about being a tough mechanic that makes them all soft and mushy around their daughters.

QuiltedSimple said...

What a great tribute to your father. Happy birthday to him!

Angelena said...

Thanks Kris!

Nancy M. said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad! He sounds like such a wonderful man.

The W.O.W. factor said...

This is a beautiful"gift" for your Dad! I hope you printed it and placed it in his hands...and planted it in his heart.

Angelena said...

Thanks Cowboy's wife. Mac(see his comment above) my adopted brother printed it off and gave it to him yesterday. He was so happy and emotionally told me how much it meant to him.

Thanks Mac!