Monday, January 5, 2009

The flu and a funny

Well the flu bug has hit here. Luke had bronchitis over Christmas break. Today Levi stayed home from school since he was running a temp of 103.5 last night. He made a trip to the dr. today and was put on antibiotics. Jake got off the bus this evening running a temp of 103.5. Great!! Well at least Luke is feeling better!

I don't think that Jake and Levi have what Luke had. Luke ran a low grade fever and theirs is sky high!

On a lighter note- Now you are just going to have to picture this one in your head, it happened to quick to get a photo.

Luke was out at the woodshed cutting wood this evening (The woodshed seems to be a favorite hangout for the squirrels) of course Bear and Max (the dogs) were out there with him. Bear spotted a squirrel and the chase was on I put it in order as to not confuse you..
  • Bear sees squirrel
  • squirrel sees Bear
  • Squirrel takes off running and sees Luke ( ahh save me Luke)
  • Squirrel jumps on top of Luke's head
  • Bear tries to tree squirrel on my middle sons body
  • Squirrel jumps off Luke's head ( apparently Luke isn't as tall as the squirrel would like for him to be) onto side of house
  • Squirrel runs sideways around the bricks of the house and then jumps into tree
  • Bear watches squirrel for a few minutes and then goes back to watch Luke cut firewood
Ah - life at the nuthouse!!


Anonymous said...

That would have been a sight to see. LOL. -Hope the boys get to feeling better.

QuiltedSimple said...

Oh I bet that was funny to see. Hope everyone is feeling better!

Gill - That British Woman said...

I am still full up with cold as well. I hope that flu bug gets out of your house soon.

I am mentioning your blog on a post I am doing on my blog on Friday (9th)

Gill in Canada

Angelena said...

Thanks Gill I will be sure to look for that post! I hope you feel better as well.

Jen and Kris- Thanks for the well wishes - and yes the squirrel jumping on Luke's head was just too funny. I am used to them jumping on me but it surprised me that they jumped on his head too.

Nancy M. said...

I hope your children will be feeling better soon! Your squirrels are just too funny!

Sharon said...

lmbo! We had a pet squirrel when I was a kid, I can remember those moments, only for us it was the tomcat chasing the squirrel up the macrame flower pot hanger in the middle of the living room :)

Hope you all get to feeling better soon!

Have a blessed evening!

Elizabeth said...

So sorry your family has the flu. But, it sounds like your animals have given you something funny to think about to take your mind off of it. Hope everyone feels better soon.