Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A New Day

Beach Sunrise
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As most of the world is waking up this morning we are awakened to the news of a new President of the United States. This comes as welcoming news to me. I am a Obama supporter. My hubby is not. That is one of the great things this great county has to offer. Freedom. I can vote and support who I want, while still respecting his choice to choose who he wants.

This morning when I was overjoyed when I turned on the news to discover that Obama is our new President. I really think this is the change that America needs to get our great country back on track. I think that he has a hard job ahead of him, but I think he is the man for the job. I think he can unite America and together we can bring this nation to its former glory.

I am proud of the fact that America has overcome racial issues that once separated us. I can remember as a child going to vote with my mother at our local polling place that was once a "colored" schoolhouse. My mother often told me of the separation of whites and blacks in her school years. She never agreed with it and made it very clear to us. She would have been proud to have been able to see this day in history if she were still alive today.


Sharon said...

I'm really proud too that Americans can see past color to vote for a black president. I'm not an Obama support, because of abortion issues and the right to bear arms but I'm not very worried about the issues either because I know decisions aren't made by one person. Either way, I am proud of my country, aren't you? Congratulations :)

Nancy M. said...

I hope he can fix a lot of the things that are wrong. I have been praying for him to be able to unite everyone!