Thursday, November 6, 2008

Homemade Rolls

Here you go Julieann :)

Quick Rolls
2C Hot water
1 tsp salt
1/4 C margarine
1/2 C sugar
2 pkg yeast
1 C lukewarm water
1 tsp sugar
2 eggs (beaten)
7-8 C flour (add gradually)
Mix together hot water, salt, margarine and 1/2 C sugar. Let sit...
Dissolve yeast and 1 tsp sugar in 1 C lukewarm water. Let raise about 5-10 minutes (yeast should be raising and be frothy).
Stir margarine mixture and yeast mixture. Add beaten eggs.
Add flour 2 C at a time. Mix together and knead, let rise 30 minutes. Shape into balls and bake at 350 for 20 minutes. Makes a 9x13 and a 9x9... lots of yummy rolls :)


Julieann said...

Yay---Thank you so much--I am going to tell Charree right now:)

Thank you!!


Angelena said...

Your welcome. Thanks for the warm welcome back!

Charree said...

Thank you for posting this recipe. I have been looking for a good roll recipe that doesn't require a bread machine.

Have a blessed day!


Julieann said...

OHH--The blog you directed me to--is just lovely!! I loved that post too.

Thanks so much, I left her a comment too.

Happy Friday.


Farm Chick Paula said...

Hey there, Angelena! I'm so glad you stopped by my place and said hello...
This recipe looks wonderful. My mom had a similar one she used to make- they would melt in your mouth. There is nothing like homemade bread to make the kitchen smell dee-vine!