Thursday, October 23, 2008

Homemade suet for the birds

With the weather turning colder we have already put out some of our birdfeeders. Feeding birds during the winter months has always been a hobby of mine and one that I won't give up. But my goodness the price of birdseed is outrageous this year! I did a little research and found some pretty good recipes for homemade suet.

Here are a few recipes from attract wild

Homemade Suet Cakes

Making homemade suet cakes is simply a matter of melting fat down to a pour-easy consistency, adding a few ingredients of your choosing, then pouring the mixture into a mold. The shape of the mold is determined by the type of suet feeder you'll use.

If you are using lard or shortening for homemade suet cakes, adding equal parts of peanut butter flour will help maintain correct consistency of regular suet cakes.

To this warm and pour-able mixture you could add rolled oats, bird seed, cornmeal, raisins, unsalted nuts and anything else you think the birds would enjoy. Then, pour your warm suet 'soup' into the mold (a bread pan where you could slice off bits for your store bought suet feeder, cupcake tins that you could pierce with wire and hang from a tree, etc.) Specialty recipes are at the bottom of this page.

Keep any unused portions in the freezer for up to two months.


Julieann said...

ohhh thank you for posting this--I just adore birds. I know birdseed can be expensive, but I have found the birdseed at the Walmart is very reasonable and also you can get a bag of plain birdseed at the 99 cent store and mix it in with the good stuff to stretch it:)

Happy bird feeding:)


Shanda said...

Hi Caroline, I enjoy feeding the birds also, but not the price tag that can accompany it if done commercially. I gather seeds from my flowers and garden and nuts too. I gather hickory nuts and just smash with a hammer to open them up and feen shells and all. They seem to pick out the good stuff. I am amazed at the prices stores have jacked up on seeds for goodness sake. I think they are just cashing in on a hobby and its all really over priced at walmart. I feed a lot of black sun flower seeds and cooking scraps. I also save my meat grease to make suet. You will have to take some pictures of yur birds this winter for me as I would enjoy seeing them.
Take care,