Sunday, September 21, 2008

Time to Tighten the Money Belt

It was a crazy week on Wall Street and with our government this week. What does this all mean for us at home. It means tightening our money belt even more!

We need to keep a closer eye on the family budget. I have a weekly planner that I am writing down every dime spent in this household, and then scrutinizing it to see where cuts can be made. I am redoing our family budget and tightening down on needless spending as well.

I think that our economy is on a major downfall and we are on the brink of a depression. I don't mean to sound gloomy and doomy here but this is how I feel.

I feel that now more than ever we need to learn how to live our livelihood more wisely. I have posted a lot of homemade mix recipes that I hope you will use.

What are you doing to help your family during our economic hardship?


Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

We have been feeling the change in the past year and had begun making simples changes like drying laundry on the line, making our own laundry soap and eating more beans and rice.

Now I've found that we are making trips to town only once every two weeks and planning to heat with wood only this winter.

I'm afraid things are going to get more challenging and it is good that we can share with each other through these tough times.


Nancy M. said...

I am a little scared about the economy too. I will just keep cutting out as much as possible. We just cut off our satellite dish and Netflix. Now, I'm trying to save on the power bill and make more things from scratch. No more ice cream, darn it!

Caroline said...

We have been cutting our trips to town down as well. Every little bit helps.

Patty said...

It sure seems like things are on a serious downslop and mostly due to people spending more than they have and serious mismanagement all the way from the corporate level down to the bottom of the economic scale.