Monday, September 1, 2008

Cooking Blogs

I love cooking blogs and websites. Don't you ever just get tired of fixing the same ole same ole? I do. The internet is full of cooking sites and recipe sites that are just wonderful.
Here are some of my favorites. List your favorites in the comments - I am always looking for new blogs and cooking sites to add.

Baking Bites

Hostess with the Mostess

Pioneer Woman Cooks!

Simply Recipes

Smitten Kitchen

This week for Dinner

Julies Recipes



Napa Farmhouse 1885


Dinner Tonight

Mexican Meals

Fabulous Foods

All Recipes

Food Network


napa farmhouse 1885 said...

thank you so much for listing my blog in your "cooking/foodie favorites" section. i am so honored..and really appreciate the mention..looking forward to getting to know your blog too..
napa farmhouse 1885

Julieann said...

This is my absolute favorite cooking site---

It is just so wonderful--and the lady that does it, is just as sweet as can be!