Saturday, July 19, 2008

Just Listen

Tree on a Summer Night by Mattias Klum
Tree on a Summer Night

When is the last time you turned off your tv just to listen to silence? During the summer months when the boys are home it seems like the tv is on from dawn to dusk- even when no one is watching it.

In the warmer months of the year Thane and I love to sit outdoors in the evening time and listen to the crickets and the whippoorwills lovely evening song. We live in a very rural area and can not see another house from our home. We love to just sit listen and watch the stars. In the spring we get to hear the spring peeper and tree frogs and in the the beginning months of fall we get the pleasure of listening to the katydids.

During the day I am treated to all kinds of songs from the morning doves cooing to the goldfinches chirps.

It is so peaceful to listen to nature and soothes the soul and wipes out any stress that the day can carry.

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Nancy M. said...

It is nice to live in the country where you can hear those sounds. Since we moved last year I hear Whipporwills all the time now. They sing a nice song.