Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Free Movies

Dancing Snacks- Set of 3
Dancing Snacks- Set of 3

Disney is offering free summer movies on their website. They are showing a different movie each week. The movie this week is "Camp Rock". Disney is playing the full length movies for free. Bobby is really enjoying watching the free movie of the week on their site.

Another site Bobby is enjoying is Nickelodeon
They are also offering full length episodes of his favorite shows.
This really is nice on those lazy days of summer when the weather gets too hot to play outside in the afternoon.
Not to mention he thinks it is really super cool to watch his shows on my laptop with his headphones.

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Thomas said...

Disney's finally getting in on the act. Seems like all the major networks are giving away Free Movies. Wonderful! The price of gasoline is still less than a movie ticket...perhaps not for much longer.