Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Turn one stick of butter into two!

Butter by Judy Kaufman

Extended butter is easy to make. Just beat one half cup of lukewarm water into one softened stick of butter. If you use a mixer, start slowly to prevent splattering. Add small amounts of water at a time and keep beating until the water is thoroughly incorporated into the butter. The mixture will be smooth and fluffy, and you will end up with one cup of soft butter. After this soft butter is refrigerated, it will become as firm as regular butter.

Or if you like you can do this:
  • To one pound of butter, gradually cream in one tall can of evaporated milk and a little salt. Chill and you have two pounds of delicious spread.

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Shanda said...

Neat tip with the butter. I'm gonna try that this afternoon. Very nice blog. SOooo what I'm into at this moment in my life.