Monday, April 21, 2008

Sandy- your FREE personal assistant

Did you ever wish you had a personal assistant? I know with all the household chores, Charles' business and with 3 active boys sometimes it can get a little hectic. I keep a calendar, but quite honestly sometimes I forget to look at it!

I have discovered the best personal assistant (program) and best of all she is free. She reminds you of things via email. You can set Sandy up to remember anything from to do lists, phone numbers, grocery lists, menus, reminders anything you can think of. She even has tags! You can set it up for daily, monthly, yearly tasks that get repeated- like birthdays, seasonal cleaning etc. Just enter it and forget it! I have been using Sandy for about 1 month and I love it!! You can print off your lists, ask her to get you a phone number or a certain list you need, it is great. I use it for both home and office.

I have tried different reminder lists, but I think that this one works the best for me.
I still use my home management binder, but I am going to add my daily tasks to Sandy also.


Hadias said...

I am going to give it a try. I am a bit cocerned that I will miss some reminders since I (try) and limit my computer time.

I'll give it a shot though because I am responsible for remebering everyones schedule ans as I get older it seems as though my mind has become overloaded with information.

In addition I really appreciate your comment on my post "Conflict". We share the same perspective. I aim for not arguing or discussing mature issues in the presence of my children.

Caroline said...

Thanks for visiting Hadias. I like "sandy" because she give you a daily digest every morning at 7 am in your email box.