Monday, August 11, 2008

It feels like fall here in the mountains today. Our temp at 2:00 is 63 degrees. If I go outside I can catch a faint aroma of the hickory trees - one of my favorite fall smells. I know this cool snap will only last a few days and soon we will be back up to temperatures in the 80-90 range but oh how I love fall and the beauty of the colors and smells of fall that goes along with the season.

In the garden we are picking cucumbers, green beans and our tomatoes are starting to ripen. Thane brought me in our first cherry tomato yesterday- as he knows that these our my favorites. He gets tickled at my when he sees me going to the garden with my salt shaker in hand looking for the cherry tomatoes. Sure I like the bigger ones too, but there is something about a warm sun ripened cherry tomato bursting with flavor in your mouth.

School will be starting here in a couple of weeks. I will miss the boys terribly during the day - but I look forward to having days with no tv blaring and arguments - no matter how small to settle( is that selfish of me?).

We are in football practice season also. Which has been a tradition for the past 7 years in our family. It can be a hectic time, but they are only young once and we enjoy watching them have fun.

My friend Patty over at Morning Ramble has a wonderful post on It is Home. It is a very good read - exactly what I aim for in our home.

Photo of the mountain view from our back porch with the morning fog rising.


Julieann said...

63 degrees--that is glorious--and the smell of hickory--what a wonderful day:) My kids start school Septemeber 2nd--I am sad---but they sure enjoy the social aspect of it...LOL.

Loved the picture!


Angelena said...

Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. I love to see the color of the leaves changing colors and the smell of fall is glorious!

Nancy M. said...

It's been so hot lately, I can't wait for fall. That's a beautiful view you have from your house.

Blue Yonder said...

63 degrees??? For real?
I'm packing my bags and heading your way right now!